Nancy’s Story: Daffodils

Jeff and I spent two weeks in April traveling down to Florida and back. As we headed out, off came the winter coats and long pants, being replaced with shorts and flip flops. By the time we got to his Mom’s, we were in full summer mode. On the way back up the east coast, we stopped at relatives’ along the way. I was surprised and happy to see how relaxed and rested I felt. Sorry to say I was not able to bring the warm weather back with me.

The other night I went to Dr. Ginsberg’s group, Women Sharing Wisdom, which meets at the Cancer Support Community’s Gilda’s Club location. There was a large group that night which I like. It makes me feel like I’m wrapped in a comforter. I had made the decision to retire on disability pension in July, and I told them that I was nervous about being away from work so long, but that as soon as I was back at my desk I knew I had made the right decision to retire.

To that end, I have several appointments during the month of May. First will be the meeting with a retirement counselor. She will help me complete the disability application. I also have appointments with two of my doctors who will justify my request. At the end of May I will go for my scans and see my oncologist. At that time we will see how the Pozaponib is working and hopefully start cycle six.

My husband and I went to a Friday night service at the invitation of our friend Linda. It was called the Daffodil Service and the prayers were for those recovering and surviving cancer. Since I am not one to give up on prayer I went with an open mind. At the end I was presented with a daffodil plant. It was suggested that we pray to see another season, and another and another, none of which will ever be taken for granted. The daffodils can be planted and will grow again each spring, so too may we be blessed to welcome many springtimes to come. It was a beautiful and touching service.

There is a lot going on at CSCGP at Gilda’s Club this month that I want to attend. I was happy to see that our walking group is starting up again. Ellen and I walked with this group last year in the park next to Gilda’s. I might need a walking stick and take frequent bench breaks this year, but I will be there. We will also be going to a dinner and a lecture, entitled Maximizing Your Health and our husbands will be going to the men’s breakfast.

Often we are asked to slow down and take time to smell the roses. I am suggesting that we all plant a flower that will come up every spring so we can see, touch, and taste and yes smell so we can affirm that we made it through another winter. Get out there and play in the dirt, turn your face towards the sun, take a deep breath, and smell the roses.