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It’s Always Something Teen Essay Contest

Has cancer somehow changed your life?
Are you a cancer survivor?
Have you helped a family member or friend deal with cancer?
Has cancer been in your life?
Your story deserves to be heard!

A cancer diagnosis can unleash a storm of emotions, questions, and unexpected discoveries, not just for the person with cancer – but even for family and friends. We are looking for honest, detailed, personal essays by young writers in 6th -12th grades who demonstrate an authentic ability to move readers by sharing their experience with cancer.

Contest Prizes
1st Place: Kindle Fire HD 8
2nd Place: Headphones
3rd Place: $50 Gift Card

Click here for more details and to enter.

The Noogieland program (named for the noogies Bill Murray gave Gilda Radner on Saturday Night Live) runs at both our Gilda’s Club and Ridgeland locations, as well as out in the community through on-site support groups offered at several local middle schools and high schools.

Noogieland provides social and emotional support programs specifically design for kids and teens. We help:

  • children/teenagers of someone who has cancer
  • siblings of someone who has cancer
  • cousins, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, neighbors, or friends of someone with cancer
  • children/teenagers with cancer
  • children/teenagers who have lost someone to cancer

The Noogieland programs are organized by our licensed professional Children & Teens Program coordinator, and are overseen by the coordinator and trained volunteers.

At Noogieland, children and teens find healthy ways to express their feelings. They get to laugh and play with other children’teens who can relate to what they are experiencing. They support each other with their expertise about living with cancer. We offer weekly, monthly, and annual special events that provide our young members with inspiration and hope.

Additionally, Noogieland is designed to be available for children while their parents attend programs at Gilda’s Club and Ridgeland. We require at least 24 hours advance notification if you wish to bring your child to Noogieland.

The Noogieland Programs

Several of our programs are listed below. Please see our full calendar for a complete list of this month’s programs and additional information.

  • Kid Support: A 10-week peer support group for kids ages 4-11 who have cancer in their lives.
  • Straight Talk About Cancer: A peer support group for teens ages 12-18 who have cancer in their lives. Offered on-site at several local middle schools and high schools as well as at Cancer Support Community Greater Philadelphia locations.
  • Parents Group: A group for parents of children/teens attending the Kid Support group or a Straight Talk group held at a Cancer Support Community Greater Philadelphia location. The Parents Group is held concurrently with the Kid Support and Straight Talk groups.
  • Kids Living With Loss: A group for kids 4-11 who have lost someone to cancer
  • Teens Living With Loss: A group for kids 12-18 who have lost someone to cancer
  • Noogie Nights: Fun open play nights for children/teens whose parents are attending a Cancer Support Community Greater Philadelphia event.
  • Toddler Time: A group for toddlers to play, sing songs, explore music and do arts and crafts
  • Kids in the Kitchen/Teens in the Kitchen: your children get the opportunity to follow a recipe and create a snack in our kitchen (yours stays clean!)
  • Noogie Fest: Our annual Halloween party for children, teens, family, and friends. We have a blast every year! Lots of games, yucky stuff to touch, and tons of food. Check the October calendar for scheduling!
  • Gilda’s Railway: At our Gilda’s Club location, we have an outdoor railway. Members of the Bristol Railroad Society take care of the tracks and run our Bachmann Trains (donated by Bachmann) on the railway. The trains run on most special events and in the summer.
  • Saturday Specials: We have some special events that take place on Saturdays. Each one has a different theme. See calendar for schedule and details