Special Funds

The Cancer Support Community Greater Philadelphia is a strong believer in donors’ rights to determine how their generous gifts should be used. You are always welcome to restrict your gifts — that is, to specify that they should be used to support a specific program, a specific group we serve, a specific community, etc.

Sometimes, however, donors want to go even further. They are so passionate about a particular aspect of the work we do or the people we serve that they want to commit to supporting that part of our program on an ongoing basis — and perhaps ask friends and family to do likewise — so that we can continue, and hopefully even expand, our work in that area.

And, if that desire is spurred by a loved one’s experience with cancer, they might also be looking for a means to honor or memorialize their loved one.

Here’s Why Starting a Special Fund at CSCGP is the Perfect Option

  1. You choose the purpose of your fund — and what it will support. While the fund must, of course, support some aspect of the Cancer Support Community Greater Philadelphia’s mission, you can choose that aspect. Want to expand our yoga programming? Increase our outreach to low-income communities? Expand our offerings for children affected by cancer? Go for it!
  2. Others can make tax-deductible donations to your cause through your fund. Because CSCGP is a registered non-profit and donations to us can be tax-deductible, donations to your fund — to your cause within our cause — can be tax-deductible. So you can fundraise away (or ask family and friends to make birthday gifts to your fund) knowing that they’ll have the same tax options they would in supporting any other charity. If you’d like, we’ll even set up an online giving form on our website specifically for your fund so that we can accept credit card donations.
  3. You can choose a name for your fund. Naming a special fund after a loved one is a beautiful way to honor or memorialize them. You can also go with something symbolic (such as The Hope Fund) or something that underscores, say, your company’s support of the cause (The Bob’s Garage Fund to Support Families With Cancer).

Essentially, starting a special fund gives you the flexibility of starting your own charity — without any of the administrative work or costs.


So What Do We Ask In Return?

  1. Please keep your fund’s purpose as broad as possible. We appreciate being able to give our team of social workers as much flexibility as possible in meeting the needs of our community. If you restrict your fund to, say, supplies for a lung cancer support group, we may find ourselves with enough funding for years of journals, pens, food, etc. — but no funding to get a support group facilitator and actually hold the group.
  2. Please keep your fund’s purpose constant. Other people may (and hopefully are going to!) donate to your fund. They’re doing so with the understanding that they’re supporting your fund’s stated purpose. In effect, they’re restricting their gifts for that purpose. It wouldn’t be fair or ethical for that purpose to then be changed and their gifts used for something else.
  3. Please discuss with us up front what your fund will and will not support. It’s easier on everyone if, for example, we know that your goal of supporting mind-body wellness programs allows us to purchase yoga mats for our classes but does not allow us to, say, purchase healthy snacks for the programs. That way we don’t have to play rounds of phone tag with each other every time we’d like to buy a yoga mat or a box of granola bars.
  4. Please understand that we will not be fundraising on your fund’s behalf — or engaging in marketing around it. CSCGP’s Special Funds exist to help you easily raise funds to support a specific aspect of our mission that’s important to you. We cannot actually solicit our supporters on your behalf (or furnish you with the information to do so) and we cannot commit to running any kind of media or other marketing efforts around it.
  5. Please commit to raising or donating at least $5,000 a year. Because our staff will be doing a certain amount of administrative work to maintain your fund’s account, keep records of what your fund supported, and maintain a webpage about your fund (and an online giving form for it), we do ask that you raise or donate at least $5,000 a year to your fund.


If you think you might want to start a special fund, please contact us at info@cancersupportphiladelphia.org.