Why Give?

You want to support local families living with cancer.

You want to know that your gifts are staying right here, in the Greater Philadelphia Region, to help your neighbors living with cancer. You don’t want your gifts being transferred up the line to some national organization. ($0.99 of every dollar donated to CSCGP stays right here in our region. And, you can always restrict your gifts to an even more specific area or community within our service region.)

You want to support families affected by all kinds of cancer.

You believe that the cancer experience is unified across types of cancer. You want to help people going through the cancer experience — not just a certain type of cancer.

You know that when cancer happens, it happens to the whole family.

You understand that it’s not just the person in treatment who needs support. Their parents, children, spouses, partners, siblings, and others are also reeling from the scary news, adjusting to caregiver roles, stressed about finances and the future, and just generally need support as well.

You believe that no one should have to face cancer alone — and you want to make that possible.

Like you, the Cancer Support Community Greater Philadelphia is committed to ensuring anyone affected by cancer can find hope, strength, and understanding from others who have been or are going through similar experiences.

We know — and organizations such as the Institute of Medicines and the American College of Surgeons agree — that this kind of support is vital to quality cancer care.

We believe that so strongly that we are committed to providing our services at no cost — so that there’s never a barrier for anyone who needs cancer support.

That means that we are entirely reliant on the generosity of our donors to keep our doors open and our programs available.

Your investment in CSCGP makes cancer support possible. Thank you.