Every day we make choices that affect our well being and that of the people around us and in our communities.   When individuals have like ideas and like ideals that is a community.   The world is a community.  Neighborhoods, towns, governments, and our places of worship are communities.

My husband Jeff and I along with our friends Ellen and George joined the community at Gilda’s one year ago this May.  Not long ago Gilda’s became a part of a larger community at the Cancer Support Community Greater Philadelphia.  Our membership has affected, enriched, and supported the four of us in our daily lives.  The feeling of positive wellness kind of sneaks up on you.  One day you look in the mirror and are alarmed at what you see.  One year later you pick up that same mirror and the person is smiling back at you.  You may be just as sick or worse, but you made it through the past year with the help of others.

I went to the Hospital of the University of PA (HUP) Pearlman Cancer Center last week and had my scans done.  A few hours later Jeff and I met with our Oncologist.  The report was all good news.  Most of the tumors have either shrunk in size or are stable.  No growth, no new tumors.  My Oncologist decided that the lower dose of Pazopanib is my magic number, so I have started cycle six.

Two days later I went to Women Sharing Wisdom group at CSCGP at Gilda’s Club — and not only was this my good news it was good news affecting the well being of the others around me.  For the short period of time we are together we absorb the good news energy from each other.

One of the good energy activities I have wanted to try is meditation.  I have mentioned before that I am able to shut down my thinking and fall asleep at night.  The bad part is when you wake up in the morning and all your thoughts start competing to be heard, organized and dealt with.  So I was very happy to see that there is a new program being offered at CSCGP at Ridgeland called Stress Management with Mindfulness.  I won’t be able t go to this class until I retire in July, but I am very excited about the possibility of joining this group.

Our little group at the Gilda’s Club location started the walking group again this past Saturday.  As I predicted, I wasn’t able to go as far as I did last year and I used a cane and took frequent rest stops.  Last year we had talked about using walking sticks.  When we met on Saturday, Susan, a CSCGP at Gilda’s Club volunteer, had an article about the benefits of walking sticks and we actually saw a man using a pair that morning.  So we purchased 10 dowels and paint and Susan commandeered the kids from Noogieland children’s program to decorate them for us.  Hopefully they will be ready and put to good use the next time we walk.

The warm weather is finally here and I have started sitting outside and enjoying the pretty flowers Jeff and I planted last week.  Is this a form of meditation?  I think so.