Ready. Raise. Rise.

Guys, we have one of those rare Win-Win-Win situations staring us in the face … but we need your help to take advantage!

Ready to Hear About All the Ways People Affected By Cancer Can Benefit — With Your Help?

Win #1: We help spread the word about Immuno-Oncology, a promising new way of treating cancer that’s having exciting results!

Win #2: Our full Cancer Support Community network gets $75,000 to use toward a nationwide marketing campaign!

Win #3: More people learn about the Cancer Support Community and are able to benefit from free cancer support!

Raise Your Flag to Get The Ball Rolling.

Ready to help? (Thank you, you awesome, awesome person!)

Head over to Bristol-Myers Squibb’s new website about Immuno-Oncology. Beneath a (humorous and moving) video of Modern Family’s Eric Stonestreet explaining the campaign, you’ll see a form to Raise Your Flag in honor or memory of a loved one with cancer.

The flag form will ask you for some basic information so it can create a picture of a flag customized as a tribute to your loved one.

It will also ask you to pick one Patient Advocacy Group for your flag to support. Please pick our national organization, the Cancer Support Community.

When you click submit, your flag picture is created (and may even be added to the site’s Flag Gallery Wall!).

And you’ve registered one “vote” for the Cancer Support Community! The Patient Advocacy Group with the most flags raised for it — with the most votes — wins the $75,000! (There are second and third place prizes, too.) And we’re in second place right now!

Help Us Rise Up And Win Through the Power of Your Social Network.

If we’re going to win that $75,000 and be able to tell the nation about the Cancer Support Community and free cancer support, though, we’re going to need to do more than just individually raise our flags.

So, if you’re comfortable, we’d like to ask you to also do the following:

1. Use social media to ask your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, random people you accidentally connected with, etc., to Raise A Flag to support the Cancer Support Community.

You can click the social media sharing buttons on the same page as your newly-generated flag to do so. Or right-click on your flag picture, save it to your computer, and you can upload/attach it to any social media posts you want to do.

We like this second method, because it lets you help us out another way, too! (See #3!)

2. Ask friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, and random people in real life to Raise A Flag to support the Cancer Support Community.

We have this handy instructional flyer you can print out and give to people.

And, for the record, asking strange people on the street to raise virtual flags is remarkably character-building. Honestly.

3. Share your flag — and your story — with us, so that we can share it with the CSCGP community.

We’re going to create a Flag Photo Album on our Facebook page. E-mail the picture of your flag (remember to right click to save!) to us at with however much of your story you’d like to share (since the flag itself is a little limited).

We’ll put the flag up as the photo and your story up as the caption.

And we’ll pick a flag and story to share with out network each week for #FlagFriday through the end of August (the campaign ends September 1).



Thank you. Thank you so much for all you do to support local families living with cancer.