Cancer patients face uncertainty every day.

The unprecedented COVID19 pandemic adds yet another challenge to those that we serve. CSCGP continues to be available virtually for families living with cancer across the Greater Philadelphia area.

We’re in this Together…

The challenges we’ve all faced this year have proven more than ever the importance of community. At CSCGP, we have continued to provide free support to thousands of local children, teens, and adults living with cancer. With your help, we can maintain this valuable community resource, which is needed now more than ever during this pandemic.
Individuals and families are feeling isolated and are missing major milestone events. Isolation due to COVID-19 can dramatically disrupt life, especially for those living alone with the life changes associated with cancer, as well
as those experiencing loss.
CSCGP is here — Providing connections and free programs online and by phone, keeping members in touch with vital assistance.
Adults are stressed about the economy and job security. Even before the pandemic, many cancer patients faced financial hardships. Now, however, patients also worry about meeting basic needs, such as access to food and housing.
CSCGP is here — Providing meal deliveries and groceries for families with immuno-compromised members, and providing resources for support.
Children’s and teens’ lives have been disrupted by COVID-19. With the bulk of schooling moving to the home, the responsibility for online learning falls on parents. This becomes significantly more difficult when a parent
is experiencing the side effects of cancer treatments.
CSCGP is here — Providing kids with free support programs that help with schoolwork, teach coping skills, and create fun, safe social events for families.


…And Community is Stronger then Cancer!

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“The Cancer Support Community is an organization of angels that understands the
overwhelming emotional toll that cancer has on the entire family—including the spouses and young children of the patient.”

CSCGP offers dedicated programs to help individuals of all ages to explore, learn and develop vital coping skills at no cost, thanks to donors like you.