Honor Roll of Donors

Thanks to our generous supporters, each month we can provide more than 300 free programs of social and emotional support to men, women, and children affected by cancer. Together, we’ll make sure no one faces cancer alone.

Listed below are donations processed from July 1, 2019 to the present. We apologize in advance for any errors or omissions. Please contact Kathy at 215-441-3290 if you discover any errors or if you have questions about this list.

In Honor Of:

Ms. Elizabeth Cribb
Ms. Bonnie Klien

Mr. Rodney Warner
Mr. Paul Schindel

In Memory Of:

Mr. Joseph Hewitt
Ms. Beverly Beck
Ms. Eileen Keefe
Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Piech
Ms. Marianne Plucienik
Upper Dublin Public Library

 Mr. Charles Hock
Dr. Rick Hock

Ms. Donna Petrilli
Mr. & Mrs. Fieldman

Mr. Doug Sauber
Ms. Linda Donnelly
Mr. & Mrs. Isaac Kliger
Ms. Danielle Reed
Ms. Judy Ron





Abington Jefferson Health
Mr. Steven Abramson &
   Ms. Caren Barnet
Alliance Cancer Specialists
Mr. and Mrs. Richard
Ms. Connie Barna
Ms. Lisa Barsky &
   Mr. Bill Blauvelt
Ms. Jessica Basciano
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Beatrice
Mr. & Mrs. Barry Bernsten
Ms. Diane Best
BFS-MC Group
Ms. Barbara Black &
   Ms. Jeanne Rogers
Mr. Lawrence Bowler
Mr. Keith Boyer
Ms. Kimberly Boyer &
   Mr. James Nassivera
Mrs. Eleanor Boyle
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Braunewell
Mr. Stephen Braunewell
Bristol Lioness Club
Ms. Debbie Brunetto
Mr. Jonathan Buzan
Mr. Steven Caine
Mr. Michael Campellone &
   Ms. Ashley Zaccara
Cancer Support Community
Ms. Valerie Carr
Mr. Charles Cleary
Ms. Shanthi Coleman
Ms. Amy Collins
Ms. Megan Coonelly
Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Craig
John Cryan Jewelers
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Daly
Mr. Tom Daly
Mr. Ronald Daniels
Mr. Herb Denmark
Ms. Lauren Dottor

Friends (continued)

Ms. Eugenie K. Esser
ETS Cares
Mr. Jahri Evans
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Farnin
Ms. Ellen Faulkner
Mr. Mark Fisher
Mr. Robert Fisher
Ms. Melanie Flick
Ms. Lori Flickstein
Ms. Carole Franklin
Giant of Feasterville
Mr. Jeremy Ginsberg &
   Dr. Pamela Ginsberg
Glenmede Trust Company
Mr. &  Mrs. Lawrence Hager
Mr. John Hanrahan
Ms. Kelly Harris
Ms. Patricia Harris
Mr. Otis Hightower
Ms. Cheryl Hill
Mr. Rod Hughes
Mr. J.P. Hussey
Mr. Philip P. Jaurigue
Mr. Charles Joynt
Ms. Donna Kearney
Ms. Marcie Kennedy
Ms. Mary Pat Kessler
Ms. Carolyn Kirk
Mr. Joshua Klingerman
Ms. Tiziana Kosick
Mr. Gary Lean
Mr. Adam Leifer
Liberty Mutual
Ms. Miriam Licence
Ms. Kaitlyn Lotti
Mr. Jeffrey Lyons
Main Line Chamber
   of Commerce
Ms. Phyllis Mann
Mr. Alex Manzo
Mr. David J. Marcolla
Ms. Katharine Marple
Mr. Dave Marshall
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin McCloskey
Mr. Troy McCloskey
Mr. & Mrs. Rick McGovern
Mr. & Mrs. Bennett Meyer 

Friends (continued)

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew
   T. Montgomery
Mr. & Mrs. Keith A. Morgan
Mr. Christopher Morris
Mr. Patrick Mullen
Ms. Cynthia Nienart
Mr. & Mrs. David Nogar
Mr. & Mrs. James O’Mara III
Parx Casino
Mr. Rich Pearson
Mr. Dan Petty
Philadelphia Cricket Club
Ms. Linda C. Poindexter
Ms. Suzanne Pontious
Mr. Robert Pressman
Pups & Love
Mr. Daniel Quick
RC Dog Care Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Jason Rabbino
Mr. Richard Rasansky
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Rees
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Reif
Ms. Alexis Romano
Ms. Carol Rowehl
Mr. Edward Rudloff
Mr. Joshua Savadove
Ms. Nancy Savadove
Mr. Manish Shah
Mr. Todd Shaner
Ms. Gina Smith
Ms. Michelle Smith
Ms. Suzanne Smith
Ms. Sheryl Stroup
Mr. Andrew Tarr
Mr. Kelby Taylor
Mr. Chris Teleha
Ms. Rachelle Twersky
Ms. Regina Vaughn
Ms. Brittany Vause
Mr. Randy Walsh
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Waterbury
Weis Markets
Ms. Ruth Wenger
Ms. Renee Wentz
Mr. Leonard Wolf
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Zuccarini