Honor Roll of Donors

Thanks to our generous supporters, each month we can provide more than 300 free programs of social and emotional support to men, women, and children affected by cancer. Together, we’ll make sure no one faces cancer alone.

Listed below are donations processed from January 1, 2021 to the present. We apologize in advance for any errors or omissions. Please contact Kathy at 215-441-3290 if you discover any errors or if you have questions about this list.

In Honor Of:

Janet Falon & Alissa Morris-Alixander
Bonnie Klien

Ms. Janet and Mr. Marty Goldstein
Ms. Lisa Barsky and Mr. Bill Blauvelt


Ms. Marion Sands
Ms. Eleanor Boyle

Ms. Karen A. Reif
Ms. Jennifer Reif Gifford
Ms. Kelly Harris and Staff at CSCGP

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Rosenberger
Ms. Susan McAndrew

Mr. Art Menno
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Reif

Mr. Ross Gershel and Ms. Kristin Nielson
Ms. Susan McAndrew
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Zador
Ms. Susan McAndrew
Mr. Wayne Mills
Ms. Susan McAndrew
Mr. Matt Weintraub
Ms. Jennifer Katzer
Mrs. Karen Reif
Greg, Carrie, Harrison, Ella and Benjamin
Ms. Monica White
Ms. Lori Flickstein
Ms Kelly Harris and Staff
Mr. Matt Weintrub
Ms. Jennifer Katzer
Amy Goldman
Mr. and Mrs. Wormser

In Honor Of (continued):

Ms. Merle Rose
Mr. Louis Walinsky
Ms. Bonnie Klein
Ms. Judy Koh
Dr. Wui-Jin Koh

Ms. Kelly Harris
Mrs. Karen Reif

Ms. Marcie Kennedy
Ms. Kelly Harris and Staff at CSCGP

Ms. Kelly Harris
Ms. Jessica Basciano
Ms. Cynthia N. Best and
Ms. Joan M. Zeller
Mr. John Boyes
Ms. Amanda Buss
Ms. Fran Caruso
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Daly
Ms. Katie Donnelly
Ms. Shelley Goren
Ms. Nancy Griggs
Ms. Deborah Hollister
Mr. John Jackson
Mr. Stephen M. Landstreet
and Ms. Barbara Harris
Ms. Phyllis Mann
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Manzo
Mr. and Mrs. Bennett Meyer
Mrs. Kathy O’Mara
Ms. Joanne M. Porter
Ms. Kathleen Porter
Ms. Jeanne Rogers
Mrs. Wendy Rosen
Ms. Gina Smith
Ms. Iliana Strauss
Mr. and Mrs. J Harvey Thompson
Mrs. Allison Troxell
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Warner
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Waterbury
Ms. Linda Weiss
Ms. Maria Wenzel

Tom McDermitt Fund

Ms. Kelly Harris

Ms. Hope Raymond

Adriana Halper Fund

Mr. Larry Halper

Monthly Donors

Ms. Jessica Basciano

Ms. Eleanor Boyle

Dr. Pamela Ginsberg

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Zuccarini

Board Members (100%)

Lisa Barsky
Sharon Bozentka
Bruce Braunewell
Christine M. Daly
Lori Flickstein
Verne Freeman
Monique Gary
Karen Reif
Marcie Kennedy
Chandra Kota, PhD
Dave Marcolla
Jonathan Marks
Wendi Meyer
Stephanie Pompey, Esq.
Brenda Rich
Nicole Dresnin Schaeffer
Faith Williams
Matthew Whitehouse

In Memory Of:

Ms. Joan Deluisi
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Clearfield
Ms. Deborah Dolnick
Mrs. Rita Miller and the
Bloomingdales Cosmetics Dept.
Ms. Karen Golden
Dr. Philip Tannenbaum
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Silverman

Mrs. Nancy Marks
Mr. Joseph Santy

Mr. Charlie Manning
Dr. Lawrence Schmitzer

Mr. Fred Vaughn
Mr. Aaron Truchil

In Memory Of (continued):

Ms. Donna Zuccarini
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Daly
Mr. Christopher Mike
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Reif
Mr. James Ekholm

Mr. Otis Hightower
Mrs. Chris Daly

Ms. Mildred Conlon
Mr. Michael Bleshman

Ms. Mary Roesch
Ms. Renee Belskie

Antal “Tony” Herczig
Ann’s Choice

Dr. Lawrence Schmitzer

Mr. Shecky Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Geller

In Memory Of (continued):

Mr. Jay Cohen
Ms. Debbie Dolnick

Mr. John A. Dawson
Mr. Donald Lawler
Ms. Ann Walsh
Ms. Carole Early

Stan and Norma
Mr. Lloyd A. Kellner

Mr. Harold Cusick
Dr. Lawrence Schmitzer

Mr. Gary Alan Lynch
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Keenan
Mr. Joseph Rousseau
Delaware Valley Concrete Co.
Ms. Megan J. Bray
Mr. Douglas Lynch and the entire
     Lynch Family
Mr. Henry K. Saur
Ms. Rosemarie V. Schaefer Lyall
     and Mr. Keith J. Lyall
The Members of the Monday
     Living After Cancer Support Group


Anonymous Cash – 50
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony
Ms. Lorraine Adelman
Alliance Cancer Specialists
Ms. Jane Allsopp
Amazon Smile
Aria Health
Mr. Scott Armstrong
Assure Trucking LLC
AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals
Ms. Shawn Aupperlee
Ms. Maryanne Babusik
Ms. Joann Baldwin
Ms. Linda Barila
Ms. Ann Bassett
Mr. Nick Beck
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Bellisario
Mrs. Roashon M Bell
Ms. Sheila Bell
Ms Renee Belskie
Ms. Kimberly Belval
Ms. Brandy Benefield
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Bernsten
Mr. Shawn Berven
Ms. JoAnne Blase
Mr. Scott D. Bluebond
Blueprint Medicines
Ms. June B. Blumberg
Boehringer Ingelheim
Mr. Gaspare Bono and
Mrs. Kathryn Bono
Boscov’s Department Stores
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bowler
Mr. John Boyes
Mrs. Eleanor Boyle
Ms. Dr. Dori Brenner
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Breustedt
Bristol Myers Squibb Pharma
Ms. Aileen Brodsky
Mr. Ryan Brown
Mr. Frank Bruno
Mr. & Mrs. James M. Buck III
Mr. and Mrs. Walter W. Buckley III
Ms. Monica Butler-White
Caddick Construction Co., Inc.
Ms. Cheryl Campbell
Cancer Support Community
Ms. Anne Capista
Mr and Mrs. Matt Cardarelli
Ms. Pamela Cayem
Charities Aid Foundation
Ms. Patricia Chazin Kupst
Ms. Janet Cherry
Mr. and Ms. Win Churchill
Mr. Louis Coffey
Ms. Christa Constantine
Cowhey Family ShopRite
     of Warminster

Friends (continued)


Mr. and Mrs. David Cribb
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Cribb
Ms. Madison Crutcher
Cancer Treatment Centers
     of America
Dan’s Voice
Mr. Arnell Davis
Ms. Bonny Davis
Ms. Anne DiBartolo
Ms. Robin D. Dickerson
Ms. Heather DIprato
Ms. Mary Donnelly
Ms. Linda Dooney
Doylestown Hospital
Ms. Dolores Drozd
Ms. Denise Eisemann
Eli Lilly & Company
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Embrico
Ms. June Essis
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Facey
Mr. and Mrs. Fanconi
Ms. Lisa Farrell
Ms. Janet Fasy
Ms. Lucy A. Fernandez
Mr. Andrew Ferrara
Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth Fetter
Ms. Elizabeth Filios
Foundation Medicine
Ms. Carole Franklin
Freeman Business Solutions
Ms. Sandra Frenia
Ms. Janet Fries
Ms. Monica Furman
Mr. Ralph Gebbia
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Gifford
Mr. and Mrs. William Gilligan
Ms. Judy Gilman
Mr. Jeremy Ginsberg and
Dr. Pamela Ginsberg
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Giunta
Ms. Sharla Glenn-Clark
Ms. Amy Goldman
Mr. Jeffrey B. Goldman
Ms. Janet Goldstein
Ms. Gwen Goodwill-Bianchi
Mr. Justin Gosling
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gould
Ms. Nancy Grater
Ms. Virginia Greene
Ms. Joshua Green
Ms. Ronee Guzman Contreras
     and Ms. Sandra Mamani
Mr. Tim Halloran and
Ms. Janice Cancelliere
Ms. Robin Halpern and
Mr. James Lovett
Ms. Kimberly Hancock

Friends (continued)


Mr. Brian Hardaway
Mr. Wade Hartz
Ms. Theresa Hesko
Ms. Melissa Hewitt
Ms. Sarah Hewitt
Mr. Nigel Holden
Ms. Deborah Hollister
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Horvath
Johnson & Johnson
Ms. Linda Johnson
Mr. Patrick Jones
Joshua’s Catering
Mr. William Karbon and
Mrs. Anna Bono Karbon
Ms. Randee Kazatsky
Ms. Marcie Kennedy
Ms. Mary Beth Kirkham
Ms. Victoria Kirkham
Kistler-Tiffany Benefits
Ms. Laurie Kladis
Ms. Jennifer Kraft
Ms. Randi Kretchman
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Kuemmerle
Ms. Joan La Rosa Reilly
Ms. Sharon Labow
Mr. Stephen M. Landstreet 
Ms. Sarah Laskin
Mr. Steven Long
Ms. Wanda D. Lowery
Ms. Jill Maier
Ms. Lisa Matkowski
Ms. Kaye Maxwell-Martin
Mr. Bernard Mazzocchi
Mr. William McClennen
Ms. Jeannette McCullough
Mr. and Mrs. James McKay
Ms. Jeanne McTigue
Merck & Co., Inc.
Merck Sharp & Dohme
Ms. Victoria Messer
Ms. Deborah Miller
Mr. and Mrs. James Mitchell
Ms. Maureen Morello
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Morgan
Ms. Kelly A. Moylan
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Mucha
Ms. Betsy Mueller
Multicultural Academy
Charter School
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Nassau
Mr. James Nassivera and
Ms. Kimberly Boyer
Ms. Geraldine Nelson
Ms. Stephanie Ness
Novartis Pharmaceuticals
Ms. Susan Oceanak
Mr. and Mrs. James O’Mara III
Ms. Elizabeth O’Mara
Ms. Mary Lew Orsatti
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Onofrio

Friends (continued)

Ms. Maki Paulson
Penn’s Grant Corporation
Pfizer Foundation
Mr. Justin Pilchman
Ms.  Michele Porter
Prudential Foundation
Mr. Michael Ptaszenski
Ms. Kathleen Rees
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Reif
Mr. Craig Riegler
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rosen
Ms.  Karen Rouff
Mr. Joshua Rusbuldt
Mr. & Mrs. James Sanders
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sargent
Ms. Abigail Seligsohn
Mr. Howard S. Serota
Mr. Todd Shaner
Ms. Sally Sharkey
Ms. Dorothy Shinn
Dr. Laura Simonelli
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Slipakoff
Ms.  Lindsay Smiling
Ms. Gina Smith and
     Ms. Kelly Harris
Specter Family Foundation
Ms. Montrice Spence
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen
Ms. Katie Starrantino
Ms. Laura Starrantino
Ms. Ellen Steuerman
Ms. Toby Strogatz
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Suspenski 
Takeda Pharmaceuticals
Ms. Jean Taraborelli
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Tiziano
Ms. Carmen Torres
Mr. Evan Traylor
Ms. Lucia Vanhoof
Ms. Regina Vaughn
Mr. Tim Walsh
Ms. Wilfred Warner
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Waterbury
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Weiss
Mr. John Wellenbach
Mr. Jim Wilkins
The Windmill Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Winsor
Ms. Lisa Yoder
Ms. Marlene Zack
Ms. Randi Zemsky
Ms. Janice Zimmerman