How to Join

At the Cancer Support Community Greater Philadelphia, anyone who participates in our programs is considered a “member.” The term comes from Saturday Night Live star (and cancer support community veteran) Gilda Radner’s tongue-in-cheek comment that having cancer in her life made her a member of an elite club to which she’d rather not belong.

More than that, though, we use the term “member” because we want to you to know that you’re part of a community – a cancer support community.

Becoming a member of the Cancer Support Community Greater Philadelphia is free and easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Check out our program calendar

    and decide which location is most convenient for you. Call that location and ask to schedule a “New Member Meeting”, or just fill out the online program registration form. You’re welcome to bring family members or friends with you to the meeting.

  2. Attend the New Member Meeting

    meet with a CSCGP staff member, and complete the membership form.

  3. Participate in any of the program activities listed each month on our program calendar.

    Our programs provide many opportunities for you to gather for education, support, and fun. Please remember to sign up for any programs and activities you plan to attend.
    Program Registration